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 Let me take care of your broken heart
 and show you how to fly.
 Let me hold you gently by the hand
 and kiss your tears goodbye.
 Let me lead you to tomorrow's light
 and out of needless rain,
 'cause all I want right now
 is to see you smile again.
 Let me sing you all the songs I wrote
 'til you sleep in my embrace,
 and I'll keep you safe and warm until
 the sunlight strokes your face.
 Let me bring you up the mountain's peak,
 and I'll let you touch the skies
 to remind you of the strength I see
 when I look into your eyes.
 Let me kiss and show you what is love
 and the happiness it brings.
 You'll sail again like a butterfly
 endowed with pretty wings.
 Let me do all these to let you see
 our fates are intertwined.
 You're the accidental precious gem
 I've waited long to find.
 The earth and sky conspired to make us meet.
 They knew we both belong
 to each other like words and lovely notes
 give life to every song.
 So fly with me, my beautiful one.
 It's time we leave the past.
 I'm yours to keep, and you are mine.
 We're finally home at last. 


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