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 It is not your conversation
 That keeps me entertained 
 But rather the way you look at me 
 That makes me feel sustained
 It's the curve of your lips
 And the curl of your hair
 T'is all of the little things
 That make me stop and stare
 It is not your intelligence
 That drew me close to you
 It is not your sense of humour 
 That has thrown me all askew
 It's the touch of your hand 
 And the thoughts in your head
 T'is all of the little things
 The things that don't get said 
 It's not your vivid history 
 That's made me fall in love
 It's not your comprehension
 Of the world or what's above
 It is your soft temperament
 And the way you smile at me
 T'is all of the little things
 That make me want to see
 It's not when we are talking
 That I want to know some more
 It is not whilst you teach me 
 I learn what I'm looking for
 It is the time we spend alone
 And the time in utter silence
 T'is all of the little things
 That form a strong alliance
 It's not the job you work so hard
 That shows your true commitment
 It's not your crazy habits 
 That give me great fulfilment
 It is the way you use your hands
 And the way I have been chosen
 T'is all of the little things
 Why I know silence is golden 


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