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 My love for you will never fade.
 With both our feelings combined is how love is made.
 You give me the strength to stand up tall.
 You reach out for my hand every time I'm about to fall.
 There is not a day you're not on my mind.
 A person like you is really hard to find.
 A weekend without you is so hard to do.
 I cannot even live a day without you.
 I love to hold you and hold your hand.
 From this day on, you are my very best friend.
 I'm happy to wake up beside you every day.
 "I love you" are my favorite words you always say.
 I love it when I look in your eyes.
 I see no hatred and no lies.
 Forever in my heart is where you will be.
 Nobody else will enter because you have the only key.
 Just to keep you, there isn't anything I wouldn't do.
 Because babe, I love you. 


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