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 I have a feeling
 That I can't comprehend.
 In my deepest thoughts you are
 More than just a friend.
 I wouldn't want to
 Rush us now
 As love we explore,
 But there's a growing love inside
 That we just can't ignore.
 I love the times we
 Spend together. We are comfortable
 And free.  I think of you when we are
 Alone.  I think of you and me.
 We have shared
 Secrets to uncover. There's more
 To life. We will both discover.
 I love you always.
 I'll love you when you're dumb,
 I'll love you when you're smart,
 I'll love you any way you are,
 Right from the start.
 I'll love you if you're tall
 I'll love you if you're short,
 I'll love you if you're pretty,
 Or just an ugly dork.
 I'll love you if you're toothless,
 I'll love you if you're blind,
 Anything that's wrong with you,
 To me you'll be fine.
 My heart is opening up now,
 Unlike it used to do.
 I see the pain that's in your heart,
 And sometimes I feel it too.
 I'll love you tomorrow,
 I'll love you today,
 I'll love you forever,
 And forever always. 


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