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Romance, Love Notes, Poems, and More.
 Remember when we first did meet, 
 our hearts rejoiced and skipped a beat.
 Remember our first kiss goodnight, 
 the hug we shared that summer's night.
 Remember when we walked the beach 
 and all our dreams within our reach.
 Remember how we used to be 
 when I had you and you had me.
 Remember when we used to talk, 
 when we held hands and took long walks.
 Remember how we spent our days 
 in warm sunshine and in the rain.
 Remember when our one desire 
 was take a chance and ignite the fire.
 Remember the times that made our hearts melt 
 and all of the passion and desire that we felt.
 Remember when you looked at me 
 and saw the one you love and need.
 Remember when you reached for me 
 and knew that we were meant to be.
 Remember when our love was new.  
 Remember the day we both said, "I do."
 Remember the journey we started together.  
 Remember our love was always forever.
 Remember the promise we made together, 
 to love and to cherish and to care for each other.
 Remember the promise in good times and in bad 
 and to make each one happy rather than sad.
 Remember when you held our child 
 and rocked the baby when I grew tired.
 Remember the treasured times 
 like these when love grew into family.
 Remember when the world was bright, 
 when we would laugh and hold on tight.
 Remember when our hearts were broken, 
 when times were tough and words unspoken.
 Remember when we grieved our loss
 with parents gone and feeling lost.
 Remember when our love endured 
 the pains and heartaches of the world.
 What happened to the life we shared?  
 What happened to a love so rare?
 What happened to the kiss goodnight, 
 the warm embrace, the love at night?
 Did it all just happen? How do we right the wrong?
 I know that in my heart your arms I do belong.
 Can we live our lives together just like it all began,
 and can we hold and cherish each other and remember our love again? 


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