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 How do I describe
 My love for you? 
 How can I explain 
 That this is true? 
 Love is a funny thing 
 We'll never understand,
 But hear this truth ring: 
 I'm in love with you. 
 These butterflies,
 Shy smiles,
 Late nights.
 Thoughts are constantly 
 About you. 
 I can't tell you 
 All the times
 This heart beats faster,
 Even when you're out of view. 
 Always in my thoughts,
 Always in my dreams.
 A life without you would
 Tear me apart at the seams.
 It's you who keeps me up all night
 And gets me through the day.
 It seems to me that there
 Is only one thing left to say.
 I've said it already, 
 But to make sure you know it's true,
 I'll say how I feel:
 I'm completely in love with you. 


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