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 You're my rock that held me up yesterday, 
 Listening to every word I have to say.
 You're my shoulder that's getting me through today. 
 Right by my side is where you stay.
 You're my strength that'll lead me through tomorrow.    
 You have taken away all my sorrow.
 You're the light that's showing me the way.    
 Right by your side is where I'll stay.
 You're the reason I'm not alone.  
 My reservations you've overthrown.
 You've shown me right from wrong.   
 Because of you, now I'm strong.
 In your arms I have found my home.  
 All your love for me you've shown.
 I will wait for you, no matter how long, 
 'Cause side by side is where we belong.
 Right by my side I hope you stay,    
 Until my very last day. 


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