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Romance, Love Notes, Poems, and More.
 How can you see through me
 When you never look my way?
 How do you breathe freely
 When I'm holding mine all day?
 Sitting in confinement
 In the center of a crowd,
 Looking at the lines
 That we keep drawing out.
 Slowly they all wither,
 And it becomes just you and I.
 Slowly you come hither,
 Just one last goodbye.
 My fingers clench upon me
 So they don't rush to find your hands.
 I stay where I have been
 Because my knees won't let me stand.
 If I never say the words,
 This moment may not end.
 When you turn to walk away,
 The pain is just too much.
 The things that I would say
 Just to feel your touch. 


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