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 I don't hate you, 
 Because I still love you. 
 I can't look at you, 
 Because it hurts to.
 We don't talk, 
 Because there is nothing left to say.
 You apologized, 
 But I just walked away.
 I'm leaving you and the thought of you behind,
 Because I just need to clear my mind. 
 I'm angered because you wasted my time,
 Hurt because I believed you were mine,
 But I just didn't see the signs.
 I guess that's why they say love is blind,
 Because you got my heart caught in binds.
 Look me in my eyes,
 And listen as my heart cries,
 Cries out in pain.
 This feeling makes me feel like I'm covered in flames,
 Until ashes are all that remain. 
 Thought you were different, 
 But you're all the same.
 Thought this was real,
 But it was all a game.
 I gave you my love, 
 And you gave it away.
 That's why my heart is blue 
 And my skies are gray.
 Will I ever see the light of day?
 Will this dark cloud ever go away?
 Or will it follow me for my remaining days?
 Grasp all my joy and strip it away?
 NO! I am too bold. 
 Way too bold to be stuck in the cold.
 I am way too strong not to carry on. 


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